The gun industry is still a significant portion of economic life. Politicians in the States are efforts to provide financial instruments from Was-Hington for these businesses. In fact, most of the time these requests will not be used for real military expenditures.

The votes were needed for other plans to give in the Congress. From here, called “Pork Barrel SYSTEM”, an elinse is accepted and a system has been freely faced with a hand. On the Eve of Congress Elections in 2002, 5 billion dollars were streamed to these political groups for projects. The goods calculated in the small home administration were given to a certain extent of US-style free tenders. States, such as California, Texas and Virginia, are charged 25 billion dollars annually from home armed from small sizes.

The issues that are tried to be justified as “World War II against terrorism” are now started to threaten Bush management in the armament spiral. F22 F22 F-18E for F-18e Fighter F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F-35 F-18e, for example, F-18E tests cannot be successful in the F-18E tests and are approved as an incorrect construction by experts for a long time.

In the United States, the policy of arms today is in the first place among the relevant sectors and in terms of the accounts of the political classes, and the second place to address the military needs. While searching for the collapse of the Soviet Union economy, it is frequently caused by the military structure as the “Economy” in the economy. The United States are also in the same path.

The decision of the West Germany received immediately after the expiration of the Second World War, the decision of the Western Germany meant to be able to make a comeback from him for the Western alliance and they were vows. Germans were started not to be mentioned from “training through education” which will make peaceful people to do. The removal of weapon factories was to be removed from the Nazis of the public habitats and prevention of German militarism, and the prevention of German militarism was now in question. The quickness of the Western alliance on this topic is that they are really united by coalogging and arouse suspects. In addition to Georg Hallgarten, which evaluated these developments, “Now it was used for ‘new order’ to be used for the new order ‘or’ I had lost the importance of ‘war crimes”.

The new federal army was growing quickly; In 1955, the war force established until 1964, the fifth four of the human work force planned as 500 thousand people were reached. No one could claim that new Germany would be represented. The position of the Nazi army in the same format as the character in the Hitler period continued. This location meant the army to be used against the Soviet Union. The two-thirds of the Federal Ordu consisted of those who worked in the course of the Nazi army of the Nazi army.

Observations on the armed “Federal Army” reveal his offensive character. 10 as the initial armament measure.

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