Of course, continental Europe has become more attractive to the cultivation of sugar beet in the face of these developments. France recognized Haiti’s independence in 1825 first. It was applied to an economic embargo that has also been accepted in the United States Kangre until that period. October areas other than the Caribbean, especially Bengal, of course, were taking advantage of this situation. The British colonial policy was determined by the “Indian Lobby” conflicts between agricultural plutocrats, such as groups that are growing in a growing way. The final one was first eliminating the monopolization status for the Caribbean gloss in the UK market, and he was second to the elimination of slavery. With this, the agricultural economy has lost the two most important polishers. In addition, India orientation of British colonialism has to be seen as an other reason for the expansion efforts of the United States for the expansion efforts in the 19th century.

Candy has reinforced large landowners, the social position of the nettle. The system of these soil gentlemen applied to every road from the hand to protect the commitment and export of Cuba’s sugar sowing.

All returns from the enterprises of the largest sugar manufacturers all over the world were spent in a duly manner. In the back of this, a rational account was hidden: Because the exports appointed by Great Britain and later the United States were connected to the obligation of Cuba’s industrial market to open from the receiving country. In this respect, the formation of a domestic industry has been blocked. The only sided transmission on candy is the product of the sugar raw material was such. So sweet substances should have been imported the sugar that the industry has committed. Social relations were determined by the cliff between the few agricultural aristocrats and the majority of the poor population. The resulting voltage and conflicts were relative to the relatively released due to the need for support of the Economic elite layer without the unimproved support. A change from the point of view of the elite, the Spanish colonial power was completely deteriorated and therefore, security tools were not used to be desirable. The US has gleamed as an alternative to be effective. Formal Independence In 1902, Agricultural Aristocra- “he gave political opportunities in commercial care. They offered a postal service that will be considered as symbolic but then reputable. Economically the country was addicted to the US Since the middle of the 19th century, the island is still an IS-PANIA colonial, Cuba had closer relations than the US to foreign trade and shopping in terms of Spain. The commitment to the US corresponded to an earthenware administration. Because a secured buyer market was provided. At the same time, the US Capital, which is next to Was-Hington’s strategic interests, was also flowing to the country.

The progression of the US economic interests in the Caribbean, the country was the result of strengthening political care from the beginning of the 19th century. This strengthening was an aggressive manner that develops the developing regional expansion tool by taking the primitive accumulation next to it.

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