There are fewer people using public transport every day. Almost everyone has their own vehicle. The need for care is increasing with more and more cars on the road. Even the most modern cars need car service services.

To be successful of a car service and the service station, you must create a business plan in a competent way, which is the main task service organization which is the passenger cars.

To set up a job from zero in the auto repair area, you only need to buy the vehicle required to do business on the first order. It is best to buy a key set from the 90-100 Top Tool or Force item you can start your work. This kit can be used to repair almost all cars from the first customer. If you don’t have any money then we demand the $ 50 advance payment from the first client and buy a tool we do ourself.

If the first client refuses to pay in advance, you can do that in a different way. The cost of the best tool set is average $ 100. There are several options on where to get this money:

Building or building building to open a service station is never necessary. The open first stage is enough to rent a room for a symbolic cost of 30 to 50 square meters. M is equipped with electricity and inspection pit … If there is no money for rent as in the vehicle, it can be admitted to the building owner to the building owner. The rental price should not exceed $ 100 per month. It is quite simple to find such a tenant, the main issue to start doing it.

If you have your own property, you can safely organize repairs in it. As many enthusiastic entrepreneurs believed, there is nothing terrible, embarrassing and embarrassing in this.

When removing results, it can be highlighted to open a service station, you do not need more than $ 200 beginnings that can be earned when repairing their first customers’ cars.

If you have never been renovated, it may seem very hard. But if you are definitely working, if you open your renovation work and your own service station, you have your own car and become deep in deep and you need to expand them. If you don’t want to “walk around the middle” in the car, you can apply for the services of third parties. For example, a new developing car service expert for 50/50 jobs in the newspaper, advertising, e.g. You will receive 50% for your business’s development, you will receive 50% of the remaining 50%.

These services are the simplest and most demanded services, so are the most suitable for establishing your own business. To ensure this range of services, the minimum tools mentioned above are sufficient and does not require a large area of ​​the facility.

These 3 free welding will definitely bring your first customers. If there is an opportunity to declare paid, then they will have a greater impact, must be given to the most popular publications.

When deciding to open your own car service, it is not important that you will work and not work.

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